About Us

Chaos Tabletop


Chaos Tabletop is the result of over 15 years of creating, playing, and running Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Our team is made up of writers, creators, players, and professional Dungeon Masters.

In 2020, we started a live Dungeons and Dragons 5e stream on Twitch.tv called “Chaos of the Feywild.” The goal was to create something we called “Interactive D&D,” where the live viewers were as just as much a part of the game as the players. Follower numbers quickly grew into the thousands (mostly through word of mouth) Soon it became clear that the people around the world were embracing our community-focussed approach.


Our community has quickly grown – and our followers now include over 7,000 fans, gamers, players, and Dungeon Masters. All of the content we create is designed to be accessible to our diverse community.

We regularly reach out to our followers to see what type of new content they are interested in. If you would like to stay in touch, one of the best ways is to follow us on instagram.

The majority of our custom content goes through multiple rounds of public testing from our friends and fans around the world. Please click here if you would like to apply to be a public playtester.


We work incredibly hard to strive to accomplish all of the following:

  • All new content can easily be added into any new or existing D&D campaign
  • All new content is considered “balanced” when compared to officially published core content
  • Create incredible moments for all Players & Dungeon Masters
  • Give Players & Dungeon Masters new and interesting ways to play the game
  • Proactively welcome and encourage new Players & Dungeon Masters to join the hobby
  • Maximize everyone’s ratio of effort spent to actual fun had
  • Reduce Dungeon Master burnout
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