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We personally own, love, and recommend each of the following:

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Hilarious D&D inspired Looter Shooter from the creators of Borderlands

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Elden Ring

Brutal and inspiring open-world fantasy action game. Jaw-dropping visuals and combat.

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Dice Tower

Add drama and fun to every roll


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Tome of Beasts

Amazing monsters and enemies to add into your home games, from Kobold Press


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Melee Mats

Dry-erase battlemats for fast and flexible TTRPG gameplay


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TTRPG Candles and accessories designed to crate epic atmosphere

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Condition Rings

Easily track status effects during chaotic combat


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BLNX Energy

Energy and Focus products to level up your game


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Here to Slay

Adorable, TTRPG-inspired monster slaying card game


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RGB Lights

Quickly transform your room with colored light to match your in-game environment


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Customizable DM Screen

Load it up with your favorite images & info for quick reference

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D&D / D20 Welcome Mat

Your guests deserve to know what they’re getting into.

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