The Legendary Lime Grove (Free 5e One-shot Adventure)

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The Legendary Lime Grove (LLG) is a 5e one-shot adventure designed for players of third level which typically takes 3-4 hours to complete. It can quickly be adapted to play for characters of higher or lower levels, and can be used as a standalone game or easily dropped into any existing campaign.

At its core, LLG is a short fun mystery adventure. The players arrive in a small seaside village and quickly learn that something is very wrong. Through discussions with the locals and their own exploration, they begin to unravel a story more strange and sinister than anyone could expect. New and experienced players love the multiple locations, great NPCs, and crazy combat possibilities.

Although LLG has received high praise from veteran players and DMs alike, this one-shot was specifically created to be a great introduction for players experiencing 5e for the first time. We make sure to put a good focus on all of the following:

  • Roleplaying and interacting with NPCs
  • Exploring the world and discovering important information
  • Engaging in epic combat encounters

Importantly, the choices that the players make throughout really do matter, and have some pretty significant consequences on the world around them. Based on the players decisions, there are many additional story and adventure options that are available to pursue as followup to the one-shot. Many DMs use this adventure to kick off their own homebrew campaigns (which you may feel free to set in our campaign world, Aldenheim 👍)

We also know that many people use LLG as their first time for as Dungeon Master, so we’ve included all of the following:

  • A ‘behind the scenes’ section at the beginning that clarifies all of the important story elements (which the players may discover)
  • All key NPCs include a physical description, personality, and main talking points (with most important talking points highlighted)
  • Each area has a short narrative description ready to read out loud to the players
  • Monster stat blocks are streamlined and beautiful 
  • Information about the gameplay goals of each area and section
  • A simple table that allows for different levels of success when searching for clues
  • Combat options to quickly turn an important encounter into a zany, epic, and truly memorable experience
  • Advice and options for continuing LLG into later adventures and campaigns
  • General Dungeon Master tips and tricks throughout

*Legendary Lime Grove is available entirely for free. You may pay any amount you want. All proceeds go to updating & creating awesome new 5e content for the community. ❤️

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this adventure in my existing game/campaign?

Absolutely. All you’ll need is a city/town/settlement etc. that is next to the water and has a dock for ships to come in and out. You can freely change any names characters or details you need and drop this right into your game.

What level should the characters be for this adventure?

This story was designed to work at third level, but could very easily be modified to play at basically any player level.

How long does this adventure take to run?

Every group is different, and the dynamics of the players and Dungeon Master can lead to shorter or longer sessions. That being said, through our own testing (and feedback from our volunteer playtesters around the world), this adventure typically takes 3-4 hours to complete.

What happens after this adventure? Is this story wrapped up entirely at the end?

One of our goals when creating this one-shot was to provide Dungeon Masters and their players several options to continue this story in later adventures. Feel free to start and finish this story all in one session, or if your group wants to continue on, you will have lots of opportunity to do so. You’ll see 😉.

How much does this one-shot adventure cost?

You can download and play this adventure for absolutely free! You’ll also have the option to toss a few coins our way, if you’re feeling generous. All profits received from this one-shot will be used to help create awesome new 5e content (we have BIG things in the works 🥳 )

Based on 5 reviews
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  1. Lauren Trenton

    As a first time DM I was scared to run anything, but this ended up being so well designed and organized that it was a breeze. The players loved it and we’re turning it into a full campaign this summer.

  2. Katie

    I’ve never had a one shot go so we’ll with so little preparation on my part! Everything is laid out so perfectly that it makes planning a breeze, yet it still keeps the balance of allowing the DM to make calls instead of prescribing every little thing. It’s got just enough tips and prompts to help new DMs catch on to what experienced ones might think about to help them get more comfortable. Plus, it’s full of silly fun things that your players will love!

  3. Derkt87

    Been a dungeon master for almost 30 years now. This is my new favorite one shot

  4. Austin

    I ran this adventure for two different groups of new players. Both groups loved it and didn’t want the session to end! Very well written, with excellent products to make for a fun and easy game session. Easily the best DM products I’ve used.

  5. Marcus

    Gave my forever DM a break this weekend and I ran legendary lime grove for the group instead. It was nutty and hilarious and the group is considering continuing some of the stories as a secondary campaign to our main one. No spoilers but there are some awesome things at the end that we want to keep playing in more games, at least a few more one shots or maybe a full monthly campaign. Amazing work A++++

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