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The purpose of this survey is to see how this new subclass feels when incorporated into a variety of home games. There are no right or wrong answers. We will be discussing balance, flavor, fun levels, confusion, problems, suggestions, etc. Your feedback is extremely valuable, but that does not mean that the final published version is going to 100% reflect any changes that you suggest. A tremendous amount of time, effort, and love has already gone into creating this new subclass - and this public playtest is one of the final steps. Please read the additional items below and then click 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate whether you understand what's going on here.(Required)
1) The feedback of a brand new player is no more or less valuable than the feedback of a D&D veteran of 30+ years. Just be honest and thoughtful 2) You shouldn't feel the need to look for positive and/or negative things to discuss for any item. 3) This isn't a test, you are not being graded on your intelligence or ability to find small loopholes. 4) If you didn't test a specific part of this subclass, please skip the question or mark "N/A" (when applicable)